Meet the Rocket Scientists

Chris Green

About Chris: Being involved in Creating, Developing and Implementing new concepts are his specialties. Chris has evolved his talents of Film Production in his earlier years with his gained knowledge of Marketing through his experience heading the development of marketing strategies for a GeoGlobal Fortune 500 company. This has allowed him to combine his creativity and strategies to promote endless and unique marketing concepts for the clients at Skyweb.

Cameron Cardelli

About Cameron: One who loves business and pleasure (but usually make business his pleasure), Cameron has always been in new business, a new idea, a new brand, a new mission. From his first company that specialized in the retail of automotive performance parts online, creating a custom long board brand for college students, curating and developing a social network for car enthusiasts to name a few.  It’s those experiences that have translated into working with other inspiring new business owners and people at Skyweb Industries.

Joe Cipolla

About Joe: With a passion for new ideas, Joe’s roots are in startups. Building on degree in marketing from Florida Atlantic with a focus on entrepreneurship, his passion has been growing people and resources into teams and thriving businesses. After spending years with a company on the Fortune top 10 list, Joe left the corporate world to co-found Skyweb Industries and help dreamers and small business owners alike overcome the challenges faced every day in launching their dreams.